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Injury Recovery

Dr. Wong's Notes: Systemic enzymes help calm the body's natural response to injuries as well as speed up the body's own natural healing process. Magnesium lowers muscular spasm and helps prevent contracture. Zinc is the essential mineral building block for epithelial tissue, (ie: skin, eyes internal organs).  Andeanessence Maxx™ to help boost the body's own natural testosterone levels to help speed healing.

Dr. Wong's Suggested Protocol:

  1. Zymessence®: 2 or 3 capsules taken in between meals 3 times daily.
  2. Magscorbate®: 1 capsule 2 to 4 times daily.
  3. Zinc Citrate: 1 capsule daily.
  4. Andeanessence Maxx™: 3 capsules 2 times daily.
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