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Heart Happy

We Have Been Blessed with the Opportunity to Help You Realize Your Healthiest Version of Yourself!


Thank you, for allowing us to help guide you to increased health and happiness through our supplements and informational resources. We know how difficult it can be  wading through all the information out there to figure out which advice to follow. And we truly appreciate the faith you have placed in us for the information we provide as well as the supplements we recommend.


We have been truly blessed and that makes our "Heart Happy";

  • blessed with the ability to share Dr. Wong's extensive knowledge and understanding of how the body works with you.
  • blessed with Dr. Wong's insightful understanding of how important enzymes, herbs, vitamins/minerals and amino acids are in helping you be healthier.
  • blessed and gifted with the ability to bring Dr. Wong's vision of greater health to you in the form of his personal line of nutritional supplements as well as his lectures.
  • blessed with the opportunity to share our success with others.


 Thanks to you, in 2017 we began expanding our "Heart Happy" programs:

  1. In 2017 and 2018, we expanded our "Heart Happy" programs for our customers with the creation of our Well Perks® customer loyalty program and the integration of Military and First Responders Discounts in our store.
  2. In 2019, we expanded our "sustainability" vision and instituted a "Heart Happy" Blue Cross Blue Shield health care program for all of our employees.
  3. And, now, as we move into 2020, we will be further sharing our blessings by expanding our "Heart Happy" programs to include more charities that we donate to as well as a sales based donation program.


We truly appreciate you and wish for you a healthy and happy life! 




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