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Sustainability is a pretty big idea.  If you're like me you wonder "what can I possibly do to make a difference?".  Especially when some of us live and work in areas that don't even support recycling!!! And what does "sustainability" even really mean anyway?

So, Sustainability is most often defined as: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Seems pretty simple, actually.  Being in manufacturing, the issues of environmental sustainability seem to come up a lot. While we may not be able to do as much as we'd like, I figure every little bit helps and if everyone did a little bit it would make a huge difference overall. 

Here's how the Dr. Wong's Essentials® family is bringing sustainability to our little part of the planet:


  • Recyclable Cardboard Boxes: are used in our packing/shipping department for every package we ship from our offices (so, yes, those pretty white boxes you receive from us are recyclable). 
  • Recyclable Peanuts: are also used in every package to ensure each bottle arrives in perfect condition. Oh, and the peanuts do offer some insulation against the cold and heat during shipping as well!
  • Recyclable Program: For 2020 we are putting in place a recyclable program for all the boxes we receive from our suppliers as well as any paper products that can be recycled. In this program we will be working with the city locally as well as with a Fort Worth recycling company where we will be taking our recycle materials or sponsoring a local pick up for the entire area (since we do not have a recycle system in the area where we office, yet).
  • No Plastic Bottles: We supply our office with reusable 5 gallon water dispensers to reduce the plastic bottle impact in our local landfills. The water we purchase, is from a local sustainable source with it's own unique "healing" history.  Click "here" if you'd like to find out more about this "Crazy Water" we offer to our employees.
  • Charitable Contributions: There are some environmental organizations that we support and you can read about them on our Giving Back page. 
  • Future Ideas: In this industry, companies are just beginning to look into creating plant based plastic bottles (check out the new 100% plant derived PET bottle Coca-Cola has developed) or recyclable bottles and so they aren't available yet.  But, we are watching the market to see when they become available in a form that is usable for our products.


"Being family owned, we know what it means to care about our employees and we treat them like family.  That's why we say the "Dr. Wong's Essentials Family®" often.... because that's who we are." Michele Wong, President/CEO



  • Made in the USA: Every Dr. Wong's Essential® product is manufactured in the US in fact, we manufacture all of our products in house which gives us the ability to make sure the people who are responsible for the end product are taken care of. 
  • Competitive Wages: Every employee is paid at or above the industry standard for their job description.
  • Health Benefits: in 2019, WAM Essentials, Inc established a Blue Cross Blue Shield health care program that we offer to all of our employees and we pay 100% of the premiums.
  • Flexible Scheduling: People have lives plain and simple.  And, sometimes family "issues" need to be addressed so an employee and their family can be healthy and happy.  So, we do have flexible scheduling (and always have). That's one of the reasons our office hours are 9 - 3:30 for those of you who've never thought about it - those are school hours. We make sure our employees have the ability to see their children off to school safely and ensure their safe return home afterwards.
  • Safe Working Environment: Here at WAM Essentials, Inc we do everything we can to ensure a safe working environment for our employees whatever that means from eye wash stations, to shower facilities, respirators, etc. 
  • Furthering Education: Education is very important to Dr. Wong and we support our employees who wish to take extra classes or get a degree.  In any instance, WAM Essentials, Inc. pays a portion of the total tuition for the employee.
  • Community: We are always looking for new ways to support our local community: supporting our local Read and Ride programs, making donations to local food banks, giving to local household items charities as well as supporting our local Chamber in their fundraising and charitable projects.
  • Charitable Contributions: There are some socially minded charitable organizations that we support and you can read about them on our Giving Back page. 




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