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Purpose Driven

We believe our products are the best because we use them every day!


First let me say that being healthy and well in our bodies, mind and spirit doesn't look the same for everyone.   Let's be honest, this is a process everyone has to undertake for themselves.  And it's a lot of trial and error finding what works for each of us especially since we are all different.  Being healthy and well just isn't a one-size-fits-all process. 

Dr. Wong has dedicated his life to studying what it means to be healthy in an effort to understand how to support our bodies in their own natural processes of maintaining wellness and healing. He has studied exercise, enzymes, vitamins, herbs, martial arts and spiritual concepts as well as religious teachings. Being a teacher at heart, most of the knowledge Dr. Wong has gained he has written about in articles that are available online.  And, that's how we started this amazing journey.

See, we started out trying to make as much of Dr. Wong's information available to you as possible.  We are teachers, first, and our primary mission is to help you find better health and wellness for you and your families.... whatever that looks like for you.  We pride ourselves in bringing you the most reliable information you need to make informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones. 



Our Mission is to bring you the most reliable information combined with the most effective nutritional supplements to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!


So, why did we decide in 2008 to develop our own line of nutritional supplements?  Through our own search to find nutritional supplements to help support our own bodies as well as bring us into increased health and function we decided that we just didn't resonate with most of the supplements on the market.  Dr. Wong's research had brought us to a different understanding of what the body needs to be supported in the most effective way possible and we just couldn't find that in the other products that we had used.  So, we decided to stop settling.

We believe that we are the best at what we do from disseminating information to building nutritional supplements that you can feel bringing your body back into wellness and enhancing performance. This entire supplement line was specifically designed to support our bodies needs and we are sharing them with you in an effort to help you find the levels of health and performance that you are looking for just as we have. 



You see, we actually use the products we make - we rely on them every single day.  In fact, our children take them and so do our extended families and friends.  We wouldn't ask you to take a product that we ourselves would not take.  It's just that simple.

Our journey has been a learning one and we're happy to bring our combined knowledge of health and business to you so you can benefit from our experience.  In 2012, we began manufacturing our own products so we could ensure that they were being manufactured to our specifications using the ingredients (and suppliers) that we had tested to be the most effective available.  Yes, I wanted to have control over the process from sourcing raw materials to the finished product.  After all, I was giving them to my own son!  We source the best possible ingredients we can find, keeping them in a strictly controlled environment until they are ultimately used in the manufacture of one of our products.  Either Dr. Wong or myself is directly involved with the manufacturing process to ensure strict adherence to our formulas. Yep, we are hands-on through the entire process! Then I personally send off samples to a third party independent lab testing facility to ensure our own quality standards.  We only want the best supplements for ourselves, our children, our families, our friends and for you!  

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