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The Dr. Wong's Essentials® Family

Thank you for your interest in everyone here at WAM Essentials, Inc. Let me tell you a little bit about us:

WAM Essentials, Inc. is a small, family owned company that was incorporated in January 2004 in Texas. Initially, our primary focus was disseminating Dr. Wong's teachings of natural health on a global level. This included audio files, articles, books, and eventually nutritional supplements. In August 2012, most of of our long standing, loyal customers may remember that we moved into larger facilities. We did this because we expanded our corporation and primary focus to include manufacturing the Dr. Wong's Essentials® line of nutritional supplements. Now, we have much better control over every aspect of bringing Dr. Wong's formulations to the end consumer from Dr. Wong's inception of a formula, through the rigorous research and development period and then the final end product. It has always been important to Dr. Wong that as many people as possible be able to achieve better health so they can more fully live the life they strive for every day. So, we always endeavor to keep our prices as affordable as possible on all the products we offer for sale, especially those products offered under the Dr. Wong's Essentials® label. And so, Dr. Wong's compassion and generosity are the underlying current that flows through WAM Essentials, Inc.

About Dr. Wong

Texas Complimentary and Alternative Medical Association professional member and World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame member, Dr. William Wong is a Classical Naturopath, a PhD. Exercise Physiologist, Certified Athletic Trainer (AATA), Certified Sports Medicine Trainer (ASMA), Old Rite Catholic Priest and Health/Fitness Consultant.

Dr. Wong has more than 45 years of professional experience in natural health as applied to sports medicine and rehabilitation. In the 1990's, he taught Physical Medicine at the South West College of Naturopathic Medicine. In 1993, Dr. Wong was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor of the Year and in 2004, after 37 years in the Martial Arts, he achieved the rank of Grand Master from the Soke (Grand Master's) Council and was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Arts. The last 17 years, of Dr. Wong's research, have been devoted to the application and teaching of Systemic Enzyme Therapy (SET). Studying SET techniques in both the US and Germany, Dr. Wong is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost experts in the field of Systemic Enzyme Therapy and his work in understanding the mechanism of action is the mainstay of all system enzyme therapy work around the world.

Dr. Wong has authored books on natural healing and on sports medicine. His shorter writings have appeared in such diverse magazines as G.Q., Black Belt, Survival Guide, The Townsend Letter for Doctors, Well Being Journal, e-zine, and Healthy Options magazine in New Zealand. He has been a guest on over 2000 national and local radio programs, and has appeared on the nationally acclaimed PBS series Healthy Living hosted by Jane Seymour and Heartbeat of America hosted by William Shatner.

Continuing to lecture across the USA, Dr. Wong traveled to India in the Fall of 2005, where he conducted seven different lectures before hundreds of physicians teaching OBGYN's, Plactic Surgeons, Thoracic and General Surgeons, Cardiologists, General Practicioners and Dentists on how to integrate Systemic Enzyme use into Orthodox Medicine. Currently, Dr. Wong works in research and development to create the Dr. Wong's Essentials ® line of nutritional supplements, he hosts has his own radio show and regularly appears on several other radio talk shows. Dr. Wong also communicates with individuals, specializing in the development of personalized programs for longevity and virility to help people overcome the effects of aging and the after effects of chronic debilitating conditions.

Dr. Wong continues to be recognized around the world as a cutting edge, straight talking healer who ventures outside the box of conventional thinking, even for Naturopaths, by creating affordable natural remedies and steering people away from high-priced pseudo remedies that no one can tell works. Why? Well, there are a few reasons: 1) Because Dr. Wong has a God-Given-Gift for helping others with their health challenges 2) because Dr. Wong truly cares about people and helping them be well and 3) because Dr. Wong needs nutritional supplements that work because he relies on them every single day. Yes, you read that correctly. One of the primary facts that sets WAM Essentials, Inc apart as a nutritional supplement manufacturer is our formulator actually creates supplements that work for him. If a formulation does not work for Dr. Wong then it is not manufactured or sold under the Dr. Wong's Essentials® label. It's just that simple.

It has only been after a lot of research and guidance, that Dr. Wong is proud to offer the Dr. Wong's Essentials® line of nutritional supplements. It is a growing and evolving line of nutritional supplements that will focus on the products Dr. Wong discusses and uses the most for all inflammatory processes, male and female sexuality, candida infections (systemic yeast infections), estrogen dominance, fertility, virus fighting, and toxicity etc. The Dr. Wong's Essentials® line of products will not be a catch all for every vitamin, mineral or nutritional supplement on the market. Dr. Wong is streamlining this arduous search for you and only bringing to market those supplements he knows works because he has used them personally, given them to his patients, and/or had a family member take them. The Dr. Wong's Essentials® line of products uses the best ingredients we have found - don't be fooled by the low prices. Dr. Wong uses these very same products every single day and so does his family!

As our knowledge base grows and our quest for increasingly better products grows we may, at times, change suppliers, offer a slightly different product or change a formula. Our research and development team is always on the look out for new ingredients and monitors current research so we are able to keep up with current trends. This open mindedness allows us to be able to change a formula if we believe we can make it stronger or more effective in its actions.

Be well.

The WAM Essentials, Inc. Team!

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