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Ask Dr Wong

If you have specific health related questions that you would like to submit to Dr. Wong, please use the below form.  Please note that Dr. Wong does his best to answer all inquiries as his schedule permits. Unfortunately, there are occasions when he does not receive an inquiry (email is not always the most efficient mode of communication) or his busy schedule does not allow him to get to everyone. If you do not hear from him after about a week, please try resending your inquiry. Thank you, we appreciate your patience.


Please limit these inquiries to health related questions only.  Dr. Wong does not answer business related questions and as such forwards them on to our customer service staff which can cause delays in response time.  We ask that you send all business/order related questions, directly to customer service at:  These types of questions would include: questions about the status of an order, shipping status inquiries, returns, tracking numbers/updates and any other questions that relate directly to the business office. Thank you, we appreciate you helping us answer your business related questions as quickly as possible.

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