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Guarantee Policy


WAM Essentials, Inc guarantees its products to be manufactured in the U.S.A. in a GMP compliant facility, as covered under CFR, Title 21 using pharmaceutical quality ingredients and/or GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) herbs. We guarantee label integrity. We cannot, however, guarantee all products will work the same for every individual. Every person has a different biochemistry, and therefore products will work differently from individual to individual. No company can responsibly claim a product will perform the same for everyone. This is why we do Not offer refunds or returns on opened items. There are No exceptions! We also do not offer product guarantees because Federal DSHEA law forbids nutritional supplement manufacturers as well as those who sell nutritional supplements from making any "claim" that a nutritional supplement will work in a particular way for anyone. Please remember that according to the US Federal Government, nutritional supplements are not supposed to work. IF a manufacturer can scientifically prove (through independent studies) a special product they make does have a physiological effect on the body, that product can then be reclassified as a drug and made available by prescription only. Offering a "guarantee" to allow customers to return opened items for any reason would be to infer that those products have a physiological action on the body and this would be a violation of Federal DSHEA Law. So, in keeping with Federal law, we can not guarantee our products will work the same for everyone and therefore do not offer refunds on opened items.

Finding nutritional supplements that make us feel better and improve our health is a lifelong struggle. Unfortunately, that also means it is a process of trial and error. Keep the stuff that you like and throw away the stuff you don't.... that's what we do.


What we can Guarantee our Customers about WAM Essentials, Inc and our products with 100% Certainty:


1) We will do our best to educate and honestly inform the consumer about our products based on available research, clinical experience and other customer comments as well as our own personal use for as far as federal law will allow.

2)WAM Essentials, Inc products are manufactured in GMP compliant facilities using only the highest quality ingredients available - pharmaceutical grade where noted.

3)We guarantee label integrity: full label disclosure.

4)We guarantee that we do not use any un-necessary ingredients in the manufacture of the Dr. Wong's Essentials® line of products. While some people may take issue with some of the excipients used, they are all necessary (ie: not merely fillers) and without them the products could not be manufactured while still maintaining the efficiency of the product.

5)Dr. Wong uses every single product he manufactures. He would not ask you to use a product that he personally had not taken and found beneficial enough to continue using himself.

6)The staff at WAM Essentials, Inc will do their best to offer support to anyone who is using the products we manufacture and needs guidance to bring themselves or their loved ones to increasingly better health for as far as federal law will allow.

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