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Lost and Damaged Packages

Lost Packages

It is an unfortunate event when someone's package is mis-delivered or is not where the USPS/UPS carrier says they left it. If you have not received your package within a reasonable time frame and you have a tracking number then please try tracking the package to see what updated information UPS or USPS has for your items. If you do not have a tracking number, please call us toll free at: 1.866.268.3216 and we will be more than happy to provide one to you as well as track the package to see its status. Should UPS or USPS show that your package has been delivered when in fact you have not received it then we need to file a 'lost package' claim with them.

Effective August 1, 2007 we will no longer be able to ship replacement products or issue refunds/credits until after we have initiated the claim process with the appropriate carrier and received their investigative findings. WHY? Well, it is standard protocol for the carriers to contact the customer and ask them personally if they received the package in question. In fact, if UPS is the carrier, they will not even open a claim investigation if the customer states they have received the package which also tells us the customer found it.

Please also note the following concerning USPS shipments: The USPS First Class Mail is a non-trackable method of shipping whether it's domestic or an international shipment. As such, WAM Essentials, Inc assumes no responsibility to replace or refund a package that the customer denies receiving because it is impossible to determine via postal delivery methods whether the package was delivered or not. Also, the USPS scans priority mail and express mail packages to show they were delivered. If a package is scanned delivered, the USPS considers the package delivered and if the customer says they did not receive the package the USPS considers it a theft issue and thus a matter for the police department. If WAM Essentials, Inc fulfilled its responsibility in properly preparing the package for delivery and shipped it to the address provided by the customer and shipped via the method the customer chose during checkout, WAM Essentials, Inc is not responsible for issuing a replacement package or issuing a refund against the order in question as we have fulfilled our obligation to the get the package to the customer. Postal theft is a rising concern but the "store"... any "store" that ships packages cannot be everywhere standing guard over a package throughout the shipping phase of the order. Unfortunately, the consumer takes on the responsibility of collecting the package in a timely manner (so as to reduce the possibility of theft) once the carrier claims delivery.

Here's what you should do:

  1. The very first thing you should do is Contact our customer service representatives and notify them as soon as possible that there may be a problem.
  2. Wait. And, this is the most difficult phase of the process. During this time, our Customer Service Representatives will start the preliminary lost package phase with USPS or UPS. It is at this time that the appropriate carrier that "delivered" your package will contact you - probably by telephone - to ask you or anyone living in your home if you received the package. Your answer to the preceding preliminary investigation by the carrier will determine how the remainder of the Lost Package claim will continue and will also determine whether your items will be replaced or refunded by
  • If you tell the representative from the carrier that you did receive your package: then the preliminary investigation will end and no case will be opened. If this happens then we will not be able to replace your items or refund you any monies. Why? Because you have just admitted to receiving the items. Therefore, as far as the carrier and WAM Essentials, Inc. and is concerned, the case is closed as you have in fact received your items.
  • If you tell the representative from the carrier that you did not receive your package then they will open an investigation into what happened to your package. Once the investigation has been officially opened then it normally takes 2 weeks for the carrier to come to a determination or locate the missing package. At this point, they will notify us to let us know how they are going to proceed (ie: refund, deliver the found package, etc) As soon as we are notified as to their findings, will be able to either issue a store credit or a replacement package unless the package is found and delivered. We do not credit back shipping charges.

Damaged Packages

If your package arrives and the box is damaged such that the ordered items have spilled out into the package, you will need to refuse delivery of the package. If the damaged package is left at your deliver to address, and you are not home to refuse the package, you will need to telephone or WAM Essentials, Inc immediately (within 3 business days of delivery). Keep ALL box and packaging material in the "as found in" condition and take pictures BEFORE opening the package. All damaged box claims must be made through the carrier prior to the issuance of any refunds, credits, or re-shipments. When you speak with the customer service representative at or WAM Essentials, Inc, you will need to provide them with the original order id #, date, billing/ shipping name and address, delivery date and be prepared to email them pictures of the damaged box showing damaged contents.

If the original packaging material is not kept or WAM Essentials, Inc will not be able to issue a claim request from the carrier and thus will not be able to issue a refund, credit or re-shipment.
If or WAM Essentials, Inc is not contacted within 3 business days of delivery of the package, we will not be able to issue a refund, credit or re-shipment.

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