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WAM Essentials, Inc. is a small, family owned company that was incorporated in January 2004 in Texas. Initially, our primary focus was disseminating Dr. Wong's teachings of natural health on a global level. This included audio files, articles, books, and eventually nutritional supplements. In August 2012, most of of our long standing, loyal customers may remember that we moved into larger facilities. We did this because we expanded our corporation and primary focus to include manufacturing the Dr. Wong's Essentials® line of nutritional supplements. Now, we have complete control over every aspect of bringing Dr. Wong's formulations to the end consumer from Dr. Wong's inception of a formula, through the rigorous research and development period and then the final end product. It has always been important to Dr. Wong that as many people as possible be able to achieve better health so they can more fully live the life they strive for every day. So, we always endeavor to keep our prices as affordable as possible on all the products we offer for sale, especially those products offered under the Dr. Wong's Essentials® label. And so, Dr. Wong's compassion and generosity are the underlying current that flows through WAM Essentials, Inc.... read more about our team


We started out trying to make as much of Dr. Wong's information available to you as possible.  We are teachers, first, and our primary mission is to help you find better health and wellness for you and your families.... whatever that looks like for you.  We pride ourselves in bringing you the most reliable information you need to make informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones.  We are Purpose Driven, find out more by clicking here


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