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Check-Out FAQ

First, let me say: "Thank you for your patience while we work through some of the "glitches" with our new one-page optimized check out." This is a relatively new one-page check out solution and as such does still have a few minor, annoying issues that need to be resolved as with all new technologies! Hopefully, these will be resolved sooner rather than later.

The truth is I really like this page, in general.  I feel it has been the perfect solution for everyone who wanted to make a change to their shopping cart after clicking on the "check out" button or add a coupon code before finalizing their credit card information.  Unfortunately, this page is not without its frustrations. And, I'm going to address the one's I know about here. Above all, please know, that I totally understand the frustrations that can arise out of issues such as these and am here Monday through Thursday to help you over the phone get your order placed.


  1. Spinning "Please Wait":  Our tech team is still unsure what is causing this.  To me this looks like an internet communication issue (slow, intermittent, etc).
    • Solution: "Refresh" the web page.  This will almost always resolve this "communication issue". Although, it may need to be done twice.
  2. Invalid Security Token when trying to log in: Our tech team is aware of this issue and is actively working to fix it. 
    • Solution: Personally, I have found that if I get this error message and then click on "log in" again, by the third try I will be able to log in. Sorry.
  3. Check out page secure payment section not loading: Our tech team seems to think this has to do with the browser and cached cookies on the users computer.
    • Solution: 1) This may be a simple "refresh page" issue but if it isn't please try the following 2) Check your  Browser - Google Chrome works best for this store, with Firefox being a close second and Internet Explorer third.  Newer browsers such as Brave and Vivaldi do not work on this site 3) Clear the cookies, cache and history then close the browser and reopen 4) If the previous ideas do not work or if you do not know how to clear out the cookies/cache on your computer try opening a "Private" browsing window (switching to one of the other browsers works here also). 5) If you're still hanging in there (and we hope you are) and still having difficulties, Please call me directly at: 1-866-268-3216 or 1-254-672-5555 (office hours are: Monday through Thursday 9:00am until 3:30pm Central Time) and I will help you over the phone.
  4. Logging Out after placing an order: We do understand that most people wish to log out of their account after they finish using our website and although it may be difficult to locate, we do have a Sign Out button.
    • Solution: Clicking on the "continue shopping" button or the "Dr Wong's Essentials" name on the order confirmation page will return you to the main website. From here, the Sign Out link should be in the upper right hand corner of your device's monitor (desk top) or on a mobile device it will be a link if you click on the 3 little horizontal lines on the upper left hand side of your mobile device's screen.

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