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Dr. Wong is a pioneer in the natural health field and one of the first professionals to uncover the myriad of benefits of systemic enzyme use and then bring his findings to the public in an easy to understand manner. In the last 16 years, Dr. Wong has found an application for systemic enzyme (proteolytic enzyme) use to virtually every bodily function. In an effort to further his work, in 2007, Dr. Wong determined to create a systemic enzyme supplement that was superior to anything else on the market. When it debuted in 2008, Dr. Wong's Essentials® Zymessence® was the first systemic enzyme supplement of its kind on the market anywhere. Based on the nearly 60 years of clinical experience of German, Central European, and Japanese medicine with systemic enzymes and based on Dr. Wong's own learning and experience with systemic enzymes we present to you Dr. Wong's Essentials® Zymessence®.*



To meet his demands, Dr. Wong's Zymessence® supplement would need to be able to accomplish several goals:

  1. Persistence: The enzymes in Zymessence® would need stay in the body working for 24 to 36 hours.*
  2. Strength: Zymessence® would need to be able to taken in much lower doses than currently available products.*
  3. Enterically Protected: Finally, Zymessence® would need to have a superior enteric protection mechanism to shield the enzymes from stomach acid destroying their action.*



To meet his requirements for a systemic enzyme blend, Dr. Wong's Essentials® Zymessence® contains the following ingredients:


  1. Pancreatin (porcine): German medical research shows that animal based systemic enzyme blends stay in the body working for 24 to 36 hours.* While Indian pharmaceutical research shows that the purely vegetable based enzyme blends stay active in the body only some 4 to 6 hours. (1,2).* So with apologies to my vegetarian friends, our new enzyme blend contains highly active animal based Pancreatin (from porcine) instead of the vegetable imitations of pancreatic enzymes.* This will ensure “persistence” which is one way of being able to lower the dose that needs to be taken.* My experience is that since humans are animals (not vegetables), real animal Pancreatin does indeed absorb better and work better than the Pancreatin imitations from vegetable sources.*
  2. Serrapeptidase: In his private conversations with the late Dr. Karl Ransberger (an enzymologist Dr. Wong admired and held up on a pedestal), he related to Dr. Wong that the most important enzyme in a systemic enzyme blend was not the one in the highest quantity but the enzyme that has the highest levels of activity.* Dr. Ransberger told Dr. Wong how in enzyme blends the strongest (most active) enzyme acts as the director or a general enhancing the action of all of the other enzymes and targeting their action.* So, while part of the Zymessence® formula would contain a powerful undiluted animal pancreatic enzyme which naturally contains Trypsin and Chymotrypsin normally found in Pancreatin, Dr. Wong wanted to make the strongest active enzyme commercially available, Serrapeptidase, a part of the formula.* Serrapeptidase according to the Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes is 5 to 8 times a stronger active enzyme than Chymotrypsin.* And, while Dr. Wong wanted a good stiff amount of Serrapeptidase in the blend, its milligrams per dose are not as important as its true enzyme activity.* Most enzymes sold are the lower-class food grade products and don't have a lot of activity, while higher-class pharmaceutical grade enzymes are an assurance of an enzyme working.*
  3. Bromelain: Bromelain well known and documented for eating pro-inflammatory cytokines (the immune system complexes that cause inflammation) in an otherwise healthy body.* 
  4. Papain: Papain comes in various strengths. We use the strongest papain made because it is an excellent enzyme.*


Enteric Protection

The enteric matrixing of the Zymessence® is important due to the fact that some of the enzymes are sensitive to acids, can be killed by stomach acid and need to be protected until they get into the small intestines and are absorbed.* All of the enzymes in Zymessence® are enterically protected in their powder form by the advanced pharmaceutical enteric protection of Carbomer Homopolymer Type A USP/NF.* The polymers of Carbomer Homopolymer Type A USP/NF are not a plastic or a solvent as many are "scaring" their customers into thinking.* Polymer simply means many molecules linked together.* Your skin, for example, is a polymer.* The polymers of Carbomer Homopolymer Type A USP/NF are made up of plant cell walls and plant mucilage (plant glue).* They are physiologically inert going in one end and out the other without any physiological action in between.* And a solvent is, in simplest terms, something in which you dissolve another substance. Water, for example is a solvent. Most of you already know Zymessence® is not a liquid gel cap and thus has no liquids in it.



The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating, Try One Bottle of Zymessence® and Feel the Difference!*



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