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Dr. Wong's Essentials® Enkindle® is an herbal extract using the strongest extracts available, it's designed to increase sexual desire (libido) and intimacy in both men and women.* It is not an erection enhancing or anti-ED product. Enkindle® can and should be used by both men and women in combination with Andeanessence Maxx™ for libido, hormone-enhancing, and anti-aging benefits.*

Catauba Extract: Catauba is extracted from the bark of some trees (including Erythroxylum vacciniifolium, Trichilia catigua, Juniperus Brasiliensis, etc) native to Brazil. In traditional Brazilian medicine, it is used as an aphrodisiac and libido stimulant in men and women.*

Mucuna Pruriens Extract: Mucuna Pruriens is a tropical legume from an annual, climbing shrub with long vines that can reach over 15 m in length native to Africa and tropical Asia.

Mucuna Pruriens seeds naturally contain high concentrations of levodopa, a naturally occurring direct precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine,* which has been the primary reason it has been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian Medicine[1][2] In addition to levodopa, Mucuna also naturally contains Serotonin (5-HT), 5-HTP, N,N-DMT (DMT), Bufoteneine, and and 5-MeO-DMT.*

L-Dopa contains natural secretagogues which may support the body's ability to maintain it's own natural release of growth hormone.* An increase in l-dopa levels may also support the body's normal production of healthy hormones allowing it to a maintain a normal, healthy sex drive and normal healthy sexual performance for both men and women.*



  1. Manyam BV, Dhanasekaran M, Hare TA. Effective of antiparkinson drug HP-200 (Mucuna Pruriens) on central monoaminergic neurotransmitters. 2004. Phytother Res 18:97-101. DOI: 10.1002/ptr. 1407 PMID 15022157
  2. Manyam BV, Dhanasekaran M, Hare TA. Neuroprotective effects of the antiparkinson drug Mucuna Pruriens. 2004. Phytother REs 18:706-712. DOI: 10.1002/ptr. 1514 PMID 15478206


Suggested Use for Healthy Adults: As a dietary supplement, 3 capsules daily as needed or as directedy by your health care provider.

Supplement Facts per 3 Capsules: Proprietary Blend Providing 1815mg: Catuaba Bark Extract (bark), Mucuna Pruriens Extract (seed) and Serrapeptidase. Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), Vegetable Celllose, Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide.

This product contains no gluten, milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts, fish or shellfish.


***Do not use this supplement if you are or think you may be pregnant. Discontinue use if you become pregnant.***
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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