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More Conveniences and  Discounts!

More Conveniences and Discounts!

Posted by The Dr. Wong's Essentials® Team on Aug 13th 2017

In an effort to finish up the migration of our new ecommerce site which began July 18, 2017, we have finally finished the customer loyalty/referral program and our new auto-ship feature!  

Both of these features have been integrated at the request of our numerous loyal customers.  First, we have finished the integration of our loyalty points rewards program: WellPerks which has been updated to reflect a referral program for those of you who are always telling your friends about the wonderful benefits you are receiving from using our supplements.  

Second, in an effort to assist those of you with busy lives, we have integrated a new auto-ship program.  So, now you can choose between having your favorite items shipped automatically to you every 30, 60 or maybe 90 days (depending on the specific options for that product). Or, no worries, if you don't want an auto-ship our system automatically defaults to "single purchase" so you won't get caught up in an auto-ship program later.

We sincerely hope these new features will reflect to some degree the appreciation we have for all of our customers.

Be well.

The Dr. Wong's Essentials® Family!

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