Pain & Inflammation

Dr. Wong's Notes: Inflammation is one of the two primary things that kills us. Scar tissue / fibrosis is the other. Fibrosis is the direct effect of having chronic even low level inflammation. Inflammation is either the cause or a part of every major disease condition and aging condition of mankind. Inflammation increases inside of us with age as the organs begin to tire,. Inflammation of the internal organs creates the fibrosis in the organs that cause them to shrink and lose function as we age.  As med students are taught in anatomy, fibrosis is ultimately what kills us all. Control inflammation and you control the formation of fibrosis., Lowering of inflammation via NSAID (ie: aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, all the Cox 1 and Cox 2 drugs), and cortico steroid drugs can have deadly side effects.  Eighteen to twenty-two thousand Americans die yearly just from the regular use, not the abuse but regular recommended use of NSAID drugs. Systemic enzymes have zero toxicity, no side-effects and none of the deadly side effects of either the NSAID drugs or cortico steroid medications. Systemic enzymes are the safe and natural way to lower inflammation and the only thing known to science that can actually eat away (lyse) fibrosis and scar tissue. Please listen to the lecture: "Fighting the Things Most Likely to Kill US." at


Dr. Wong's Suggested Protocol:

  • Zymessence®: 1 or 2 capsules taken in-between meals 3 times daily.
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