FO-TI-TIENG: Anti-Aging and Longevity Blend

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Dr. Wong's Essentials® Fo-Ti-Tieng is a blend of Fo-Ti-Tieng root extract and Serrapeptidase (to enhance absorption).

Fo-Ti-Teing stands among the premier anti-aging and longevity herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine.* While mostly known for it supposed "ability" to return hair to its original color, it acts as an adaptogen allowing the body to resist the ravages of stress.* The felt effects of Fo-Ti-Tieng in the body are extremely subtle and settle in over time. Increased work / exercise capacity in those over 40 are among the first felt benefits in the first few weeks of use.* Dr. Wong suggests that for best effects the Fo-Ti-Tieng be taken along with our Andeanessence Maxx™ to take advantage of the synergy between these adaptogenic herbs.*



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