Fibromyalgia Support

Dr. Wong's Notes: Chronic inflammation produces scar tissue / fibrosis. The Fibrosis in FMS causes ischemia that blocks full blood supply to tissues producing a pain that cannot be addressed by pain killers. (Think back to when you put rubber bands or string around your wrist and your hand went to sleep. If you tried to use the hand it hurt. That's ischemia. You could have mainlined heroin then and still had the pain of ischemia in the hand!) Only the restoration of circulation with its oxygen and ATP can eliminate ischemia. FMS also has a fatigue component that is the cousin of CFS and Chronic Mononucleosis in which muscle cell mitochondria that produce ATP to run every cell in the body gets reduced in number from hundreds or thousands to mere tens., The stack and program: Lowers inflammation, lyses (eats) the fibrosis that is blocking full circulation and creating pain producing ischemia in the muscles, relaxes muscles, increases the number of mitochondria in the muscle cells ( in 8 to 16 weeks) and increases the vascular bed (ie: the number and size of blood vessels) to the muscles thus reducing or eliminating the symptoms of FMS. Of FMS patients who've religiously followed Dr. Wong's FMS protocol 86% of them actually forgot they were FMS patients in 8 to 16 weeks.

 Dr. Wong's Protocol:

  1. Zymessence®: 2 capsules taken in-between meals 3 times daily.
  2. Magscorbate®: 1 capsule 2 to 4 times daily.
  3. Karuna Pure Progesterone Cream®: 1 application daily as per product insert.
  4. Strength Training: 2 times per week as per these protocols: Minimalist Strength Training by Dr. William Wong
Fibromyalgia Support
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